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List of what projects i've gathered so far.


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List of what projects i've gathered so far.

Post  Admin on Sat Oct 01, 2011 3:06 am

So here's what i have and what i can give... I've got a lot of raws and translations and scanlations in other languages...
Keep in mind that what i have here are raws/scans for the stuff that hasn't been released yet. So all previous volumes for these series for which i didn't post raws are somewhere out there in english.
Ok so i'm gonna create a site and put some of the stuff that's here there...

Rurouni Kenshin - Japanese raws for v01-22 (Kanzenban Edition) Project taken. Feanor will most likely continue doing this project.
Boku No Shotaiken - Japanese raws for v01-03
XS - German raws, personal for v05 along with translations. Project taken. Endless Abyss will continue this project.
Burai - Japanese raws for v03-05 along with translations for the volumes. Along with the possibility of getting raws for the sequel. Project taken.
El-Hazard - English scans for v02-03 that need editing. Project taken.
Full Metal Panic! Comic Mission - Japanese raws for v02-05 special chapters.
Kung Fu Tao - Japanese raws for v02.
Ningen Kyouki Katsuo - Japanese raws for all volumes along with french raws for all volumes. Translations for a couple of chapters(maybe a full volume) and redraws for a couple of chapters done.
Onidere - Personal japanese raws for v01 tankoubon version.
Shinsengumi Imon Peace Maker - Japanese raws for v05-06, french raws for v05-06, translations for v05-06(except for the last special in v06) Project taken.
Wolf's Rain - Personal english scans of v01-02 that need editing.
Attack No. 1 (Mila Superstar) - Personal japanese raws for v01-02. Along with a translation for the first chapter.
Shikotama - Personal japanese raws for v01. Already scanned c05-06, the last 2 remaining chapters to be scanlated. I also have translation for chapter 05. !!! Project taken. Archknight will continue this project.
Spiral Alive - Raws for chapter 20 along with translations for it. !!! Keeping this project for now for Endless Abyss.
The Legend Of Mikazuchi - Personal japanese raws for v03-04.
Yo-u (By The Sword) - Personal japanese raws for v03. Art/action doesn't look shoujo at all... looks a lot like "Superior". Volumes 01-02 were already released and are on the internet. Project taken by Archknight.
Beck - Personal raws from Konno-Basho for v34, along with translations for it and some redraws.
Nui! - French raws for v02-03 along with some translations for a couple of chapters. Volume 01 was already released in english and is on the internet.
El El - Chinese raws for v02-03.
God Of Love In Our Classroom- Chinese raws for v01. Project taken by Esthétique.
Gorio - Chinese raws for v01-07.
Hell's Angels - Chinese raws for the last remaining chapters.
Kiddy Grade Versus - Chinese raws for v01-02.
Love Lesson.com- Chinese raws for v01. Project taken by Esthétique.
Lovely Baby - Chinese raws for v01. Project taken by Esthétique.
Rebel Sword - Chinese raws for v01-02. Super HQ in color.
Shattered Angels - Chinese raws for the remaining chapters. Project taken by Arty-chan.
Negima Neo - Japanese raws for all volumes.
Tekken Chinmi Gaiden - Japanese raws for v01-03. Project taken by Tree Scanlations.
Undead - Japanese raws for v01. Project taken by Tree Scanlations.
Alien 9 - French raws for v01-03.
Alto - Japanese raws for v02.
Battle Club Second Stage - French raws for v01-02.
Blood Rain - French raws for v01-09.
Puri Puri (High School Paradise) - French raws for v02-03.
Kamui - Chinese raws for v11.
Noritaka - Japanese and Chinese raws for all volumes.
Scandalous Honey - Japanese raws for v01. Project taken by Esthétique.
Sola - Chinese raws for v01-02.
Teizokurei Daydream - Japanese raws for v10. Project taken by Tree Scanlations.
Guyver - Japanese & Italian raws for a lot of the volumes.
Extra Existence - Japanese raws for v1. I once had translations for this manga but unfortunately i lost them.
Igyoujin Oniwakamaru - Japanese raws for 01-04. Always was interested in this manga but never found a translator for it.

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Post  clrh on Sun Mar 11, 2012 3:22 am

Please upload GORIO!!



Post  s!d on Sat May 19, 2012 1:16 pm

If you can , Please upload Gorio.

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Re: List of what projects i've gathered so far.

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